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Development, Innovation & Consulting

Energy storage

Texible produces innovative energy storage technology for maximum capacity through textile innovation.


Quick and less frequent battery charging. Our current collectors optimize the characteristics of your cells.

Fuel Cells

High performance fuel cells. We offer formed electrodes with surfaces that have a high reaction rate.

Medicine and nursing

Our TEXIBLE smart textiles improve the quality of the everyday life of people who need care.


Our sensor textiles facilitate incontinence management in nursing environments and enhance the quality of life of the patients.

Fall-protection mat

The Texible solution: The ultralight, foldable textile provides protection against falls and sends an alarm signal.


The entire network around Texible has long-standing knowledge in the field of technical textiles – your benefit!

Technical textiles

Create a complete new product together with us, for the end user. We combine our specific know how with your applications.


Intelligent lightweight textiles for heavy-duty use. We would be glad to share our experiences.

Innovating everyday life

Texible combines textiles, flexibility & innovation“ – Our mission is to integrate sustainable functionality into textiles to make everyday life easier.

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News from the lab & production

New electrodes for Redox-Flow-Cells

Electrodes produced from woven stainless steel yarns, manufactured by Texible, are currently being tested at The University of Innsbruck Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics for use in redox flow cells. Thomas Fröis (CEO Texible): „We see these systems as a core technology for the future site energy storage.“

The right material for every application

The Texible team has extensive experience with conductive materials. The difference in electrical resistance, wash ability and being able to withstand corrosion are some of factors that should be considered and tested in line with your application.

Textiles used in lightweight construction

Lightweight textiles does not stop in front of the building industry. Carbon textile reinforcements have already been introduced in bridge restoration. Technical embroidery techniques available permit the production of flexible, 3D reinforcement structures manufactured from technical fibres and thus allow the reinforcement of curved 3D concrete elements.

Testing of textile battery

In cooperation with the KIT, the great potential of textile current collectors for lithium-ion batteries has been proven. Initial experiments show that doubling of the capacity can be achieved.