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Our light offices in an old knitwear factory provide us not only space for creative ideas, but also small-scale production with an extensive range of machinery for developing and implementing prototypes through to small series. When it becomes to small for your roll-out we expand to our european production network easily.

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The ideal environment for interdisciplinary development projects: our in-house small-scale production facility includes an extensive range of machinery and enables us to produce prototypes and small series in-house. The diverse industrial landscape in Vorarlberg and our proximity to Switzerland and Germany allow outsourcing to experts over short distances.

Tailored fibre placement

Tailored fibre placement

Tailored fibre placement makes it possible to lay fibre strands according to the load case and place them in all sorts of contorted paths and in very small radii. The main applications of this technology include building components made from glass fibre and carbon fibre-reinforced plastics as well as textile heating elements.


Knitting technology

Knitting technology makes it possible to produce textile fabrics out of meshes. The knitted fabrics are extremely flexible, ductile and versatile thanks to their mesh structure.


Embroidery technology

The use of machine embroidery technologies means that both conductive and non-conductive yarns can be applied onto a base textile in a wide range of patterns and sequences. This enables high flexibility in the design and arrangement of the yarn. Motifs can be produced in large unit quantities completely automatically.

textile finishing

Textile finishing

Is a certain functionality required not only for a particular section but the entire textile? In cooperation with our partners in textile finishing, we are able to implement full-surface function integration at the fibre layer. For example, the whole textile can be made water-repellent or conductive.


Weaving technology

Weaving enables us to produce large, woven sensor surfaces in a cost-efficient manner. For instance, moisture penetration on flat roofs can be detected cheaply and effectively with the use of woven smart textile technology.

screen printing

Screen printing

Using screen printing, sensors can be installed in many small motifs on a textile with pinpoint accuracy to achieve highly precise results. This means we are able to apply a wide range of substrates (adhesives and conductive substrates) efficiently on a carrier textile even at lab scale.

laser cutting

Laser cutting

Our vision laser cutter enables contour detection and alignment according to register marks; even the slightest distortion is recognised. This makes it possible for us to easily produce even large unit quantities in-house.


Assembly and production

We handle the complete assembly of your electronic components and ensure perfect interfaces. What’s more, we take care of professional textile production and combine functionality and design into a unique product – according to your expectations.

quality assurance

Quality assurance and tests

For us, quality means delivering a tried and tested, functional product that can be used straight away. We subject prototypes and small series to a full regime of testing and document the results. Random sample testing and standardised procedures using test robots and test stands guarantee material safety and functionality.

textile finishing

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