Smart Textiles

High-performance textiles become key technology of the future.

Smart textiles have lots of advantages over conventional wearables. They combine the properties of textiles and electronics in a unique way.

Smart textiles can absorb moisture effectively, but also repel water at the same time. They can withstand static and dynamic forces and be breathable, robust or stretchable depending on the requirements. What’s more, they measure specific values such as pressure. Smart textiles analyse and transmit data, providing direct feedback via actuators.

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Technical sensory organs

Key components of smart textiles.

Moisture, heart rate, temperature, sweat, pressure and tension – textile sensors make whole new dimensions possible in the measurement and collection of data.

thermal camera


Tangible feedback

The counterpart of sensors.

Heating, cooling, vibrating or stimulating – no matter what feedback is needed in your application, smart textiles make it possible.

snap connector interface


Brings together what belongs together

Combines flexible textile with hard electronics.
Functional, robust, discreet and visually appealing – well-designed interfaces combine textiles and electronics.

This combination lies at the core of a well-designed and practical solution. Whether integrated as a push button, zip, magnetically, crimped or as embroidery.

The overall concept results in the ideal solution.

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