Tangible feedback

Actuators process what the sensors measure and make the world tangible for us.

When integrated in textiles, they can heat, cool, vibrate or even provide electrical stimulation, for example.

What’s important with the actuators we develop is that they are both soft and imperceptibly integrated in the textile. They give us the ability to feel things.
This is essential for the occupational safety of emergency personnel, for example, or for augmented reality applications.


Electrical stimulation

Actively stimulating the musculature or nerves with electrical impulses – electrical stimulation is already successfully applied in medicine and physiotherapy. Washable textile electrodes transmit high voltage to the muscle via the skin.


Activation and stimulation with vibration

Textile vibration motors are already used to treat phantom pain. Tiny actuators integrated in the textile stimulate and activate the body through vibration.


Heat-able textiles

Warmth actively contributes to wellbeing and helps mitigate a range of complaints. Heat-able textiles are already particularly popular in the healthcare and wellness sectors for this reason. But technical applications are also possible with textile heating in the low and high temperature range.


Cooling textiles

Whether in sports, domestic textiles or anywhere requiring active cooling in combination with the benefits of a textile substrate – actuators integrated in the textile make this possible. This technology allows precise cooling in the area of application.


Magnetic field stimulation

Magnetic field therapy is used successfully in pain therapy or to calm down or activate stressed muscles. Actuators integrated into textiles that generate a magnetic field make user-friendly applications and completely new designs possible.

waibro belt


Enabling blind and visually impaired athletes to enjoy sports independently

WAIBROsports is developing a belt designed to enable athletes with visual impairments to enjoy sports careers independently. The innovation is to be expanded in the future to cover additional types of sports, making it possible for the athletes to engage in sports without supervisors.

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